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March & April


Welcome to our CURRENT NEWS page. Hope what you find here will answer your questions. Or call me for more information.


On July 28, 2020 Denny passed away to his heavenly reward. While he was a big part of life here at Triple D Paints and moving forward without him seems impossible, we are going to continue to offer our stallion's breeding and sell babies. Continue to check here for updates. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.

We have added some pedigree photos for our two stallions. Do check them out on each stud's respective page, SIMPLY IT & HUSTLERS GOLD TEMON.  I'm sure you'll like what you see.

We have also added a picture collage of each stallion's get on their respective page.  Check those new pictures out as well.


BREEDING SEASON for 2021 is now OPEN!

February 19, 2021 ShezSimplyMiFancy left us in an unfortunate accident as she was caste under a fence for too long being unable to regain standing, dying there. It was a sad day to say good bye as she was in foal for 2022 too. She loved being mom and was a great producer stamping her babies with looks and personality.


March 19, 2021 SimplyHuslersHeir delivered a bouncing baby boy. How happy everyone, including Reba, was that he finally arrived.


WatchMacieShine arrived June 13, 2019 and has not been a disappointment anywhere. See 2019 Foal Barn, pictures and pedigree below. She is being started in her 2 YO training.


SimplyHuslersHeir delivered a palomino colt on 2/16/2020 @ 1:30 a.m. You can see a little presentation video on the 2020 Foal Barn page.  This little white horse was weaned at 4 months and moved to his new home in January 2021. Everyone is happy!

"And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He does judge and make war".  

Revelation 19:11







March 19, 2021

February 2021: 

Getting drone footage of one's place is exciting!

A big thank you to 

Keir Albert of Central City!

February 2021

Expecting a new baby soon.  When we have that little one on the ground, we'll be posting  announcement pictures here for all to see. Praying the cold will warm up some for that arrival day.

Enjoy the short video posted below to see some of our winter.



AKA-Maggie is now 10 years old. To celebrate her life from that first day and her first year, we are posting this short video.

She's been a fun filly/mare to own and enjoy her talent, color and willingness to be that hard working girl. Someday she certainly will give us that long awaited for baby. Since everything produces after it's own kind, we expect she'll give us eye candy for all to enjoy. 

Happy Birthday Maggie...

                    August 2020

We are please to announce that Rowdy will be moving to a new home in the neighborhood this fall. Keir Albert is his new owner and we couldn't be more pleased for both Rowdy and Keir! Exciting times are on tap for both horse and owner! Plus we get to witness and help in all the fun details coming for the new year! Congratulations to 


June 2020

This year  we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary,6/6/1970. We had friends over for a cookout and a special gal came   to get some snap shots to mark our 50 years together. Figuring that we needed to create a memory, here are a few of those    pictures.

February 2020

Triple D Paints announce the arrival of our one and only 2020 foal. Numbers are not so important when the quality arrives in such a nice package! This little guy seems to be a carbon copy of his daddy, HustlersGoldTemon-aka-Rafe. Mama and baby are doing terrific. So many things to learn, so much fun to watch grow. Check out 2020 Foal Barn for a short picture slide show of his first hours and days. 

This is how we PAINT at TripleDPaints!

Watch short video on

TripleDPaints Stallions.

January 2020

This little filly, Macie, is growing in leaps and bounds becoming a stylish yearling. So many firsts to experience and learn, but she seems to take it all in stride. She will give push back, but gets on board once she figures it out. Fun year a head for all! And she sure can pose for the pictures!

HorsePlay: "Nebraska Through the Lens" on

Face Book netted 10,000+ views.


October 2019

Catching WatchMacieShine  in that perfect pose for her fall picture was easy as she watched Mr. Farmer gather up irrigation pipe. She loves getting out in the big yard to kick up her heels.  What fun to watch her shine!


July    2019

This little gal is now one month old. She has grown lots and continues to express herself in lots of ways. Macie certainly is engaging with us. When she gets out to run there seems to be many speeds in her lope from slow pleasure to race horse going 90 mph stretching those long legs. It's always fun to get your hands on them at a young age. We keep up-to-date pictures on Face Book. When her registered name is approved, will post here. Check 2019 Foal Barn for those 1st baby pictures. Click on Pedigree button below for her registration papers.

February 2019


HezaNewTradition is having some play time with this tub on 7/4/18. This video has been submitted to AFV recently [2/2019], and we will see if they find it entertaining.

August 2018

Before Rocky heads to Texas as Danyal's new horse project, we wanted to get a few photos of him.  After a YLL workout, bubble bath and grooming we were able to capture this yearling's good looks on our camera.  He was a good boy doing all we asked.  We will miss this guy when he heads south, but spring will bring new babies to pamper.

May 2017:  Mama Rosie with her family of Maggie [6], Matte [4], Mabels [1], & Rocky [30 days].  All four are HustlersGoldTemon babies. What a great family!       

October 3, 2016

On a warm fall afternoon we scrubbed up SimplyIt, cleaned ourselves up, and had some camera shots snapped of our 13 year old stallion known as Teddy.  He loved all the attention and we enjoyed handling him. Check Facebook for more photos.

July 30,2016

SHEZAGOLDSTAR-aka-Maggie & Kinzie pulled top honors at the Merrick County Fair.  Maggie won her 3-5 year old mare class and then was Grand over all all mares.  Kinzie added another trophy to her collection of 4 this fair show season.  Congrats!


April 2016

In that special moment of three palomino siters claiming to be on the top of the hill, I was able to snap their picture.  The youngest pushes right in to be with the older two.  What fun to watch her personality develop within the herd. SHEZAGOLDSTAR & SHEZFANCYGOLD, Maggie & Matte have really enjoyed playing around with their new little sister, Mabelline-aka-SHEZFOOLSGOLD.  The similarities are easily identified while they each express their own personalities. Fun times here at Triple D Paints 2016.

L-R: Matte-3, Maggie-5, Mabelline-3 weeks

August 2015


SHEZ FANCY GOLD -AKA-Matte is growing into a fine filly at three.  She's not the youngest in the herd anymore, but she will stand her ground with the mares.  Funny to watch her try to push to front of the line and be first.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it won't.  She loves her little sister. We have been slowly getting her worked under saddle.  She enjoys all the attention it gives her. When she becomes that seasoned riding mare, she will be fearless as she demonstrates those character qualities even now.  We expect great things from her future. 

January 2015


Simply Huslers Heir-AKA-Reba on a cold frosty morning.   This mare can nearly jog in place being slow legged and deep hocked.   She is a big mare who has given us two really nice babies.  She lost her foal this season, but we will make plans for 2016.  Check Face Book as well to see current details.

September 2014


This fall we washed and shined up a number of our herd and then got the camera for some lasting memories of each one.  They all seemed to actually enjoy their photos taken.  Of course I stepped into several as well showing just how much they like being handled. Those warm winter coats are in the process of thickening each day so all too soon the winter wooly look will be their style.  Capturing them before that happened worked out real well.  Sheza Gold Star-AKA-Maggie is my special ride. This mare has grown into such a stylish palomino, my dream horse.  I thank the Lord for this blessing for me to enjoy.  Hope you have clicked through some of our pages to meet our herd.  Thanks for stopping by.

January 2014

A great way to kick off the New Year was to have a foal come early.  Sheza Royal Babe-aka-Rockin Robin has been a fun filly.  She seems to defy gravity as she bounces around in the stall, corral, and even the yard.  She stretches out those legs and whether it's running or bouncing, she has the moves.  Be sure and check out the 2014 FOAL BARN for lots of updated photos.                         She is SOLD.  Check sale barn for details.


Hustlers Gold Temon X Simply Huslers Heir


July 2013
This past July at the Nebraska State 4-H Show in Grand Island, Sheza Gold Star-AKA-Maggie took Brandon Burruss to the head of the pack in 2-Year Old Lunge Line.  This was their second win as in 2012 they pulled in first place as well in YLL.  This mare loves the class and knows when she is on stage wanting to please.  She is riding now and step by step she is gaining understanding in what is required to be a winning Western Pleasure ride.
Hustlers Gold Temon X Shez Simply Mi Fancy
June 2013
On the 11th of June we were greeted with a new babe in the stall standing right beside mom all bright and on the move.  This little gal was just what we were hoping for; palomino, lots of color, blue eyes, and a filly.  She came with lots of class and sass.  In 2014 she will make a YLL winner.  Shez Fancy Gold loves to please and is growing into the shoes her big sister was able to do.  Show season will come quickly and we'll be ready.
Hustlers Gold Temon X Shez Simply Mi Fancy

April 2013

SOLDAfter a long and sometimes difficult gestation, Foxy Invester delivered a bouncing baby boy on a warm sunny after noon.  Foxz Gold Rush-AKA-Alvin found his first meal and never missed a beat.  He was always a calm and easy to handle little guy.  He is a solid bred palomino APHA colt who has a bright future.  We  him to a family in Kansas and they dearly love him.  Those palominos seem to be easy to love.


Hustlers Gold Temon X Foxy Invester

April 2013


Its Simple Shez Awsum-AKA-Candy came to us in late July.  Her sire is Simply It and we had put together a deal with some friends to which we got this filly at weaning. She is pictured here at eight months. This filly has legs, body and beauty.  What her future holds will be exciting for all.

"Candy" is SOLD to Amber Johnson.  Congratulations to them both!


Simply It X Awesome Opposition



September 2012

HEZA RED HOT HUSTLE-aka-Rudy on the run for mom.  This guy from day one was wanting to be noticed.  His loud color matches with his personality.  He could take a run around the yard and then find mom for that quick suck.  His looks, personality, moves, and confirmation will certainly win the day in the show pen.  He is Sold.  


Hustlers Gold Temon X Simply Huslers Heir

Early Friday morning at 5 a.m. Reba delivered her colorful baby.

How exciting to see this healthy baby boy! Richie is his barn name with

HezHustlersStar or HezaFancy Husler - pending.

See more info in the 2021 Foal Barn.

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