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2018 Foal Barn

Introducing the sweetest little filly that has arrived in Violet Crouch's herd!  She came early in the morning with the help of Chelsea.  It's exciting to be there when that long awaited baby arrives. The official name is being put together. We congratulate everyone! What fun days ahead as all those

planned projects unfold.  

More photos below.


Hustlers Gold Temon


Miss Powerful Barjo

Pictured at 4 weeks below.

Baby Belle
right side
left side
Love my mama
got hip
in my rear view
rear view

This little gal is nearly four weeks old here.  She is growing into a solid filly. The flies are always annoying but with mom close by, she can do all things.

We are thrilled to watch her develop into that beautiful riding horse for Violet and her family.

Blessings to all!

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