Pictured here are a couple of our home raised mares out of Simply It.  We have owned several other bloodlines along the way and they moved on as we continue with these two girls.  They have produced quality babies out of the cross with Hustlers Gold Temon.  And we all know it's about the cross.

With great sorrow of heart we hate to announce that this great mare passed away in February after being caste under a fence. She gave us many great babies through the years, some of which we still own. She was a super mom always loving that role. She was in foal for 2022 and will be missed.

Pictured to the left is Shez Simply Mi Fancy-AKA-Rosie.  What an outstanding mare who has won in the show pen and produced 3 palomino overo fillies for us.  She stamps her babies well and will be with us far into the future.  Rosie is a 2006 model.
In the collage below are Rosie's two fillies.  What great looks Rafe X Rosie put on their get! They are talented with a mind to make your ride top notch. These pictures are random pictures from around the farm.



Above we have Simply Huslers Heir-AKA-Reba.  This mare is a full sister to Rosie-ShezSimplyMiFancy-and yet they have many differences.  Reba stamps her independence on her babies which tells us they have a thinking mind. She is a 2007 model with many more years to produce babies.




Pictured to the left is Reba and her two foals, Rudy and Robin.  We have sold both of them.  They are doing terrific in their new homes.  However, we are sad to report that on 1/2/2016 Reba aborted a nine month gestation colt.  So, it's another year we must wait to see that next baby out of her.  Sometimes those new babies are hard to get.


Top left picture is a few days after the baby loss.  She's a bit sad and fighting off some infection as foal was 12-24 hours dead before the vet pulled it.