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Notice: Given the circumstances surrounding the vaccines and Big Pharma, we are waiving all vax requirments.


Triple D Paints                                                                               

 Diane Palm                                                                    

1989 O Road, Central City, NE  68826

 308-946-4374 Cell




The undersigned, hereinafter known as the mare owner, does hereby agree to breed:


Name of Mare__________________________________________________________Registration #________________________________________


(hereinafter known as mare), to the stallion Simply It, standing at Triple D Paints, for the 2023 season.


  1. The stallion service fee shall be $_____________, of which $100.00 is payable on the date of execution of this contract as a booking fee.  The booking fee must be paid before the mare will be bred and will not be refunded under any circumstances.  The remaining balance of the fee, together with all unpaid board and expenses, must be paid before the mare shall be released.  Mare owner hereby grants to Tripe D Paints a security interest in the mare to secure payment of all sums due under this contract and agree that the mare need not be released to the owner or his representative until all fees have been paid.

  2. Triple D Paint grants a limited guarantee of live foal, as set forth in this contract.   “Live foal” is defined as a foal that stands and nurses.  IF for any reason the mare fails to give birth to a live foal, the mare owner shall notify us of such failure in writing, accompanied by veterinarian certificate, within one week following the date on which the mare is proved not be in foal, or loses her foal.  Failure to give such notice shall be deemed a waiver of any remedies by mare owner.

  3. In the event the mare does not produce a live foal, the following terms shall apply: Mare owner may return the same mare to Triple D Paints for the next following breeding season and no additional breeding fee shall be charged, however mare owner shall pay board and other expenses for the second breeding season.  In the event that the mare does not produce a live foal after the second breeding season, no further breed backs will be allowed, and all fees paid Triple D Paints shall be retained and the contract shall be at an end.

  4. In the event of death of the mare, the mare owner may transfer the contract to a mutually acceptable mare if death occurs before the end of the breeding season and before such time as the mare is pronounced in foal and taken home by mare owner.  If  death occurs after the end of the breeding season or after such time as the mare is pronounced in foal and taken home by the mare owner, all risk of loss is on the mare owner, and no adjustments or substitute shall be allowed.

  5. The breeding season for Simply It begins on February 1st and closes on May 31, 2024 at which time breeding will be discontinued except by special agreement of the parities. 

  6. Mare owner does hereby waive any claim against Triple D Paints or their agents or employee on account of any accident, sickness, or death to mare owner’s mare or foal.  Mare owner will likewise not be responsible for any accident, sickness, or death to the stallion or any employees of Triple D Paints.

  7. In order to protect the health program on the premises of Triple D Paints, it is required that all mares posses a current clear Coggins prior to their arrival at Triple D Paints.

  8. Said mare must be halter broke.

  9. Mare owner hereby authorizes Triple D Paints, their agents, or employees to retain the services of a licensed veterinarian at any time when services are necessary or desirable either to assist in assuring the pregnancy of the mare, to assure the health and well being of the mare, or to perform pregnancy test, and mare owner agrees to pay for all veterinary services.

  10. A copy of the mare’s registration certificate and full payment must be provided to Triple D Paints before the mare is picked up and leaves the breeding premises.

  11. Triple D Paints will provide a Breeders Certificate for the foal conceived by this mating when all fees are paid, and the above mare has produced a live foal.



Board shall be charged as follows:  $10.00/day for dry mares;   $15.00/day for mares with foal



Signed this ___________day of _______________,2024.




By:________________________________________________________________                    _______________________________________________________________

     Triple D Paints                                                                                                         Telephone Number



Mare Owner/Agent:________________________________________________                  Telephone Number:___________________________________________

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